Why Canada

Here are some of the reasons why most students, workers and online proofreading business people from all over the world  prefer Canada to other developed countries:

Good & Accessible Health Care: Canada’s health care is funded with public funds, therefore, most medical treatments are free, although depending on the province, patients may be required to pay for pharmaceuticals and dental care. The quality of medical care is also generally known to be world-class.

Relocation Opportunity for Students: Foreign students who have studied full time and have completed a program of study of at least 8 months from certain Canadian post-secondary institutions are eligible to apply for an open work permit which can be up to 3 years. There is also an immigration program under which these foreign students can apply for permanent resident status in Canada.

Cost of Education: Post-secondary education is generally more affordable in Canada compared to other western countries.

Quality of Education: Canadian degrees/diplomas/certificates are recognized all over the world for their high quality, and provide excellent prospects for graduates.

Safety: Canada is considered a safe place to live because of the low crime rate and high political stability.

Diversity:  Due to the assignment helper influx of immigrants, students, workers, visitors and business people to Canada from all walks of life, the country is highly multicultural and Canadians are very respectful of cultural differences.

Low Inflation Rate: inflation rate in Canada was last reported at 2.9 percent in October 2011. Compared to other leading countries, Canada has always enjoyed a very low inflation rate which makes it a choice place for investment and other business activities.

Low Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate in Canada was last reported at 7.4 percent in November 2011. Since 1976 until 2010, Canada’s Unemployment Rate has averaged 8.53 percent. These are outstanding indices compared to other western countries.